Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A poem

I found this poem I wrote when I was looking for poems for Amy to post for her school.

The Visit Home

Time pivots and memories flash
Innocence lost on a trip to visit where
her family comes from.

The abandoned building, the greenery, the beauty
that is Baguio.
The dirt, the rocks biting in her back
The horror, the danger, and destruction
of this one moment.

Trust lost, and darkness gained.
A spiral of shame
soon to be out of control
The darkest moment this girl will ever know.

Faith tested, dreams lost
Weakness and hate fills her heart
Even with strength she never knew
Is gained from this one moment.

Regrets, commitment issues, an aloofness
A coldness, this girl will always have to deal with
Grows and buries deep
As he forces himself into her innocence.

Her first visit home is forever tainted
Two kids chatting as he leads her
To the worst place I will ever know.

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